How to Customize Mi Band 4 (Advance)

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If you are a Mi Band 4 customer, there’s a pretty good chance that you must have become bored of it AF due to obvious reasons (same! same! same!). Today, I would be providing you the trick to fall in love with the help of customize Mi Band 4 step by step guide.

And yeah, everything in this blog is FREE stuff! You can use most of this customisation for FREE with few optional paid features. Also, it should work on Mi Band 5 as well. Visit CRZY Market for more amazing tech blogs.

So what I am going to cover in this blog?

Well, here’s a short list:

  • Find unlimited number of beautiful Watch faces
  • How to upgrade/downgrade/change firmware and resources with amazing icons
  • How to add emoji support
  • From where to get additional features like Camera button, Screen Share, etc.

Excited? Let’s begin!

Unlimited Watch Faces:

You have 2 best alternatives for amazing number of quality watch faces including watch faces with animations!

Just go the the link and download the apps. The instructions for activating faces is pretty straight forward in the first app.

Mi Band 4 App


MiBand4 Watchfaces

Follow on screen instructions to the second app. Go to the end and you would find Watchfaces tab.

Notify for Mi Band App


Notify for Mi Band Watchfaces

Just select any watchface you want, and you can easily flash your favourite watch faces with just couple of clicks!

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Upgrade/Downgrade/Change Firmware

Head to this website. This is the culprit of all this :p
If you have other device than Mi Band 4, then you can scroll through for your band as well.

Thank GeekDoing for that amazing forum forum.

Download any Stable or Beta firmware from this page. I always suggest you to instead use only the official stable firmware, by using the Official Mi Fit app.

If you downloaded firmware from the above site, then Open Notify for Mi Band, go to the Tools tab on top right corner. Scroll down and select “Update Mi Band Firmware”. Click on “Choose file” and select your downloaded firmware. Flash! Wait! Profit!

Update Firmware SS


Flash firmware

Well, in any case, do note the RES version (like RES v96) based on your firmware version (either from GeekDoing website or above app). This is really important because you would be selecting your band resources (icon and theme) based on your RES version.

Now head to this page and browse for your favourite theme based on your RES version. I personally love this resource theme. Select, download and just flash using the exact same method as you saw above for flashing firmware. Now, try and test all different resources! Enjoy to customize Mi band!

Watch Face Physical Overview


Custom Watchface

New Firmware Pic


Custom Resource theme

Emoji and Font support

Now, you can almost get features like different font and Emoji using some modified firmware. I said “almost” because, well, it’s not very useful in my opinion because it looks rough. Whatsoever, here’s the firmware links:

GeekDoing. Flash whatever you like, but keep tracking RES version. You might have to flash Resources again.

Get Custom Features

If you are power user, then Notify for Mi Band is your best friend! If you haven’t yet downloaded it, then please download it from the Play Store or from the link I had provided earlier to customize Mi Band.

Some features:

  • Better analytics and visuals than official Mi Fit app
  • Flash Custom Firmware/Watchface/Theme
  • Modify the function of Music control buttons
  • Screen Sharing (laggy)

And a lot other features. However, few of these features like button mapping is in paid version. Also it’s pretty straight forward so it doesn’t need any description. Go and try out all per your likings!

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Good day.

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