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How to fix HP Omen 15 Thermal issues (-20C!)

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If you own a HP Omen 15, you definitely know that this laptop heats like a furnance! But I have come to your rescue, and by tonight we would fix HP Omen 15 thermal issues all for FREE! This guide may also help you a lot even if you have any other Gaming Laptop.

I know your laptop definitely hits upto like 95+ degree celsius and throttle! The heat outside is more than the heat inside the game!

All the techniques in this guide have been tested by me since more than 2 years. Since I found almost everyone facing this issue and no “one stop” guide to help them out, I decided to write a guide for you all. 😉

My Device: HP Omen 15 dc0106tx
CPU: Intel i7 8750h
GPU: GTX 1060

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STEP 1: Throttle Stop

Our aim is to reduce the CPU temperature by under-volting and under-clocking (Optional) it. This would indirectly make you GPU cooler as well!

  • Download Throttle Stop
  • Throttle Stop Interface would open you and you have to set all these options as in this image.Throttle Stop InterfaceEnsure Speed Shift, Speed Step is selected. Disable Turbo is optional but I do highly recommend to turn this feature ON since this helps a lot to reduce your temperature with less impact on gaming FPS (but sometimes noticeable)!
  • Go to FIVR tab. You will see this but with different (default) settings.FIVR
  • Select CPU Core under FIVR Control. Click select Unlock Adjustable Voltage in CPU Core Voltage.
  • Now use to Offset Voltage Slider to -125mV.
  • Now do the same changes to CPU Cache under FIVR Control and reduce the Offset Voltage slider to -125mV. Ensure Unlock Adjustable Voltage is ticked else you won’t see the slider.
  • On the right bottom you have to set OK – Save Voltages immediately.
  • Click Apply and Ok.
  • Don’t close the software yet, let it run in background.

NOTE: If your CPU is not Intel i7 8750h, we recommend you to hit and try different offset Voltage slider in case you face Windows error or crashes. Stress test is highly recommend as well. You can use Intel XTU for stress test for directly do heavy gaming to ensure there is no unwanted errors or glitches!

STEP 2: MSI Afterburner (Optional)

Install this software if you want to monitor your FPS, Temperature and other settings. You can even use this software to further reduce your GPU temperature but since it would have significant hit on your FPS, we won’t recommend it.

You can download it from here.

The setup is bit technical, so we won’t cover that in this article. We would be using Omen Command Center/Omen Gaming Hub for monitoring temperature.Omen Gaming Hub Performace Control

STEP 3: Play!

Now, all you have to do is enjoy heavy gaming while you monitor your temperature parallely using Omen gaming Hub or MSI Afterburner! I am definitely sure you are going to notice a hell lot of difference with minimal frame drop!

And when you are satisfied with your settings, you have to return back to Throttle Stop. Click on Save in bottom left so that you won’t have to do this again everytime.

Either Open Throttle Stop whenever you do gaming OR simply add it to Task Scheduler. This is very important!

Your Omen thermal issues should have been fixed by now with zero investment.

Incase you want to do more maintainance, here’s more tricks for you!
  • Open Omen command center and set cooling to “Comfort” and expect high fan noise while gaming.
  • Always keep laptop on hard surface.
  • Install antivirus to ensure virus isn’t using your CPU/GPU for mining or other bad stuff.
  • Clean vents by opening the bottom panel with screwdriver and blowing some air to remove dust.
  • (For advanced user) Apply good quality thermal paste like Artic -mx4. Ensure your fan is actually working. And when temperatures are high (like 80-90°C), you should hear high fan noise and hot air flowing out through vents.

No harm done to CPU-GPU, long battery life and Thermal fix – that’s all you achieved!

Do like and share with your Omen friends! Give us feedback and we may actually make this guide even much more refined for all users! 

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